Customer Story Of Astragaloside IV

The Tale of Astragaloside IV: Navigating Customs, Delays, and Customer Care

Astragaloside IV Cas 84687-43-4
Chemical Structure of Astragaloside IV

In the bustling world of international trade, any shipment can have a story.

Some tales unfold smoothly, while others are fraught with unexpected twists and turns.

Join us as we embark on a journey through the nitpicking customs regulations of Beijing Airport, where a shipment of our Astragaloside IV encounters a random inspection.

It was a crisp May morning when we shipped a trial order of 300 grams of Astragaloside IV to our valued customer in Mexico. This product will be used as the nutritional supplement raw material of one healthcare product. Earlier we already sent a free sample to him for his end client to try our quality. Little did we anticipate the challenges that lay ahead for his first trial order.

As the package made its way to Beijing Airport, anticipation turned to apprehension when we received word that it had been detained for inspection by customs officials in our capital airport.

The customer's trial order of 300 grams of astragaloside IV under Customs Inspections
The customer's trial order of 300 grams of astragaloside IV under Customs Inspections

Their reasoning? Astragaloside IV, with its versatile applications in both medicinal and nutritional realms, raised suspicions regarding its intended use. Thus, one of the customs authorities deemed it necessary to request a Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) from the manufacturer.

Ok first let’s dive into the HS Code of Astragaloside IV: 2938909090 (Other natural or synthetic reconstituted glycosides and their salts, etc., including ethers, esters, and other derivatives-其他天然或合成再制的苷及其盐等, 包括醚、酯和其他衍生物), and we did declare 2938909090 in the Customs, and based on this HS Code, there was no need to provide CIQ.

Out of options, we thought about applying for CIQ through another HS Code of Plant Extracts: 1302199099, and in 2 days we did get the CIQ and wasted no time sending the scanned copy to Customs. Then we thought it was time for the Customs to release our goods.

Little did we know, our CIQ was rejected, the reason? Customs believed that our second HS Code was incorrect, and they require CIQ with the HS Code 2938909090. 

That was outrageous, under the HS Code 2938909090 any CIQ request to our Commodity Inspection Bureau would not be catered to, and now we were caught in a dead end. There was no way out at all.

Stuck in this bureaucratic nightmare, we faced a dilemma: the CIQ needed by the Customs Officials could not be provided, and alternative routes to arrange another shipment for another try? either way, this customer still had his client to answer to, we could not give up but try anything that might work.

First, we thought about filing complaints against the Airport Customs, but our export broker told us that it wouldn’t work even if we called the cops.

Then we cleared our minds and started to be rational. What we should do is apply to return this package first from the airport, and when it was returned, we could ship it out through Shanghai Customs, but god knows how long would that take. Before we were left with 5 working days, we did not realize our Holiday was upcoming.

Yet our local Customs Official told us that our classification of HS Code for our Astragaloside IV was correct and they would send their comment to Beijing Airport.

That meant our first package would be released, the point was, how long would it take to release it? Anyone who dealt with Customs should know their low efficiency and bureaucracy.

Astragaloside IV CIQ through HS Code of 1302199099 as a plant extract
Astragaloside IV CIQ through HS Code of 1302199099 as a plant extract

With time of the essence, we immediately repack another 300 grams of Astragaloside IV and ship it through our shipping agent to try Shanghai Customs to try our luck.

As the second package was on its journey, our team worked tirelessly to expedite the process and keep this customer informed every step of the way, and we kept our fingers crossed that it would make it to the warehouse before they closed. Communication became our lifeline, bridging the geographical divide between China and Mexico. Despite the challenges, our commitment to transparency and accountability remained unwavering.

Can you believe that, there was still an episode for the second package to be delivered to our courier agent in Hangzhou?

The second package was shipped by SF-Express to our agent on the afternoon of Apr. 29th, 2024, normally it would be very safe to be delivered that morning, but when the package was packed ready, it was already afternoon.

Only 2 hours left before our agent punched out, but our package was still stuck in SF-Express’s transit 40 km away.

2 hours to find the package and deliver it to the warehouse shouldn’t be a problem. Wrong!

It took the staff of the transit warehouse 30 minutes to find the package, and only 1 hour and a half hours left, but by that time it was rush hour it was even difficult to call a Ubber. Finally, we got a driver to send this package, but he was stuck for over 3 hours on the way.

Because Apr. 30th, 2024 was the last working day before our holiday, many exporters like us were rushing to ship their goods out, and the warehouse of our courier agent extended 2 hours as overtime, and yes, we finally made it.

Our second package of 300 grams of Astragaloside IV to our customer
Our second package of 300 grams of Astragaloside IV to our customer

Finally, after two days of anticipation and uncertainty, the second shipment was cleared in customs in Shanghai and embarked on its journey to Mexico. That was a great relief, at least one of the two made it.

Yet, while the logistical hurdles had been overcome, we knew that the client of our customer had endured an unexpected delay out of our control, they only ordered 300 grams, but now 600 grams were heading towards them, and they already confirmed that they agreed to take both of them after we talk to them about it.

In recognition of their patience and kindness, we decided to extend our gesture of goodwill: a 40% discount on the delayed shipment, though they only asked for 50% off, nor could we lose too much. 40% was accepted and now we are waiting to be paid for the second shipment as the first shipment was released for export in Beining Airport after 6 weeks without any further docs provided from us.

Packing and labeling of our second 300 grams of Astragaloside IV to our customer
Packing and labeling of our second 300 grams of Astragaloside IV to our customer

It was a small token of our appreciation for their support of our business and partnership, a testament to our commitment to customer care even in the face of adversity.

As the Astragaloside IV reached its destination in Mexico, we breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that our efforts had not been in vain. Yet, beyond the tangible product, a deeper bond had been forged—a bond rooted in mutual trust, resilience, and shared experiences.

We did experience a crisis in the supply of 1620-98-0 back in 2020 with the same customer, in a similar manner of resilience we overcame the challenge together.

Anyone interested in the 1620-98-0 story can leave a comment so we can share it with you.

In hindsight, the saga of the Astragaloside IV serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities inherent in global trade. It underscores the importance of agility, adaptability, and above all, unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

In the ever-evolving landscape of international commerce, challenges will inevitably arise, but it is how we confront them that defines our legacy. As we reflect on this journey, we emerge stronger, more resilient, and more committed than ever to serving our customers with excellence, integrity, and heart.

So, here’s to the Astragaloside IV, a humble herb with an extraordinary story to tell.

And here’s to the countless journeys yet to unfold, each one a testament to the indomitable spirit of human ingenuity and perseverance.

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