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Merck Is importing Miltefosine API for Research from BuzzChem
CNC is importing ABT-263 from BuzzChem
Johns Hopkins University is importing imipenem hydrate from BuzzChem
Hikal Limited is importing intermediates from BuzzChem
Astellas Pharma Inc is import APIs from BuzzChem
Novo Nordisk is importing GLP-1 from BuzzChem
Cipla limited is import pharmaceutical intermediates from BuzzChem
Chonnam National University is importing Vitamin D3 API from BuzzChem
Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC is importing intermediates from BuzzChem
The University of Queensland is buying APIs from BuzzChem
abcr is importing research chemicals from BuzzChem
Monash University is importing APIs from BuzzChem
King Saud University is buying APIs from BuzzChem
UNESP is the customer of BuzzChem
University of Santo Tomas is the Customer of BuzzChem

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